Executor came to Aion Classic, a medium -range dealer who is good at raid.

On the 9th, NC soft launched a revenant update with new contents including executors and other new content in Ion Classic.

This update includes new class executors, three new servers, growth field tells for executors, and tells, storybooks, and new elements related to Legion.

The executor is an Ion Classic Original Class, which is not in the live version, and is a medium-range dealer dealing with stretching weapon chain swords. By recharging brain, which is a dedicated resource, the skill is used, and the chain of the referee who hits many enemies and abnormalities, the rushing of the damage to the damage in a certain range, and the lion’s roar that pushes the object after defense, Use a current breaking news and a current regression that teleports to the current.

From 20:00 on November 9 to November 16, you can play all the contents without purchasing ‘Cain’s energy’, a classic server pass before the regular inspection.

In addition, all users collect weapons during play and receive items. ‘Thanks to Devi’, which offers the 2nd anniversary coupon for the 2nd anniversary of the Classic Open, and the settlement support of the Junior who receives equipment and rewards by achieving level 55. You can participate in a variety of events, including classical growth support that provides growth items and guides for growth, and three new server trinity, which directly set new server names.

In addition, in partnership with PC and console gaming gear brand Logitech G, if you purchase products such as Logitech Headset (G435) and Mouse (G304), which consists of executor package, you can select the desired place of the Ion Live/Classic server.

For more information, please visit the Ion official website.

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