Surviving the Fimbulwinter God of War Ragnarok: Puzzles solution, bosses, chapter detonated

Surviving Fimbulwinter is the introduction/tutorial of God of War Ragnarök, with many reminders of God of War 2018 and three heads in just two hours of play. It is a portion of Midgard without very important goals.

Leaving a little of the linear path, you will find your first red chests containing various resources to improve the equipment. See everything that happens in Chapter 1: surviving the Fimbulwinter .

Freya Attack

There is no time to play, just two minutes since you started your game and Freya is already jumping in your muzzle. Attention to those who play in high difficulties, the different sequences of this scripted fight can cost a lot of health.

Still, it would be a shame to die even before the tutorial is over. As soon as the Queen of Valkyrie if it is, a long narrative sequence will begin until Rates finds her mind in the forest.

Higher Wild Mosque


As you advance through the forest, you will find several invaders who are perfect targets to take you back to the rhythm of things and remind you of the basics of gameplay.

Fimbulwinter is rough and unfortunately all Rates skills have disappeared over time, so you will have to do with the basic move set, exactly the same as God of War 2018, except for the elementary load when you press triangle.

Nothing special to say about this section of the introduction, just walk along the way while destroying their first basic chests: the wooden ones give money, the reds give crafting components.

Chief: Fight against Bjorn

A big teddy bear will interrupt you in your search for Atreus. The scheme follows the same with yellow circles that correspond to the attacks you can divert with your shield (L1 at the right time) and the red circles that you should divert.

Below, we link a guide with tips and video of the battle against Bjorn, the first boss of God of War Ragnarök.

Back home

Now that you have found Atreus, go home with new waves of invaders to crush. This time it is a small reminder of how the combat with father and son works. The arrows have a col down that you can observe in the bottom right corner of the screen.

It is good to note that Atreus and Rates have separate experience points counters. Once back, two gods will quickly knock on your door and, after a long discussion, Thor decides to take weapons.

Chief: Fight against Thor

A meeting reminiscent of the first battle against Balder in the first game. Get ready for a very long duel with several phases that will take you to the four corners of Midgard. At first, he will be careful not to use the hammer before he is angry in the second phase. For a complete Thor fight guide with gameplay video on God of War difficulty, you can consult the article below.

Lower Wild Mosque

After a tutorial explaining how the equipment and skills works, you will move towards the lower area of the wild forest, to a section that should ing back some memories of 4 years ago.

Now that Rates has the chaos blades available, you can burn the blue herbs and use the many red sockets to release tickets. Use the few invaders on the way to remember the blows of the Blades of Chaos.

To imbue the blades with fire, just touch the triangle several times. In the highest difficulty modes, you will find enemies with Blue Armor , which will force you to use the blades to melt this extra life bar.

Chief: Fight against the hunter

Last head of this chapter, the hunter (or the persecutor) will try to create you with quick movements and some area attacks that will force you to maintain a certain distance. Your weak point will soon be revealed by Atreus: the horns.

You can find the full guide for this boss with a video in the difficulty God of War below. Once the boss is defeated, you will take your first Runic Attack Quick for Leviathan ax .

The Temple

Continue advancing in the temple to reach your destination. A small puzzle is right then. To solve, it is necessary to use the ax and the blades. If you get locked, Atreus will give you any tips.

First, throw the leviathan ax on the tree to eak the trunk (photo 1). Then use the chaos blades to clean the path (photo 2) and proceed. After that, some scenes will happen, thus ending chapter 1: surviving the Fimbulwinter.

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