LOL: The category of ‘hated’ champions by Riot Games that could never return to the game again

League of Legends has evolved over the years and more and more differences are observed when carrying out a comparison between the most current works of Riot Games and those that took place during the first stage of the title. It is something that can be seen in almost all aspects, but that stands out to a greater extent when we focus on the design of champions . There are some very important characters for the development of the video game that today the developer would not even dare to launch, and one of the most obvious examples is that of the changes.

The most hated champions by Riot Games

Change forms are all the characters that can be transformed throughout the game. A broader category of what it seems in which characters like Iago, Led or Gear would enter. However, when the League of Legends community or the developers themselves speak of this type of heroes, they usually refer to three specific cases. We talk about Elise , Jayce and Middle . All of them can change form at will from the first level of the game and have six basic spells. A way of working that Riot Games has not repeated for more than ten years.

Due to this situation, a League of Legends fan decided to ask the developers because this type of champions were no longer d1. Riot True , of the Indicator’s crack design team, I do not hesitate to respond to this player explaining that they were very difficult champions to create and capable of giving big problems in the long term . A quite considerable effort taking into account that, in addition, for many players it is a problem with the lack of a definitive ability that is usually the most satisfactory part of the spell kit of each character.

In terms of power, its Multi is distributed in three more skills and that is why each of them will be less satisfactory unless they combine very well between them. That results in many of these heroes being difficult to play (…) Players with great experience use the combos of six skills better than the bulk of the community. You have to balance it thinking about that… That is why the Victoria’s de Nidalee rate is lower than that of other champions (at the average skill level). We are not against it, but there are many challenges to create a character of this type, explained True.


Although from Riot Games they do not refuse in round, seems impossible for these types of characters to return to League of Legends . Already in the last ten years the developer has created new characters relatively similar to the changes that do not suffer these problems. This is the case of Gear or Red’SAI, who have their very marked definitive ability and moments of marked emotion that do not depend on carrying out combos. Also, K’Santa, although not officially recognized as changing, is something similar to what this category of champions can offer in the future.

This is not the only type of characters that might not return to League of Legends . Other developers have ‘criticized’ some old mechanics of the video game. This is the case of the use of energy as a resource for the launch of skills. Similar to what happens with the Cambiaformas, a champion who uses this element does not reach the video game for more than ten years and does not seem to be something that can change in the future.

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