Odin MUSPELHEIM GOD OF WAR RAGNAS COLOSS: Where to find everyone in this kingdom?

The ride through the kingdoms of God of War Ragnarök knocking down green birds comes to an end in Mülheim, if he has not passed any on another map. The main group hunting of the game is to kill Odin’s 48 spies.

In this guide, we show the location of the 2 crows present in the Kingdom of MÜLHEIM. Birds are only available to eliminate when we play with Rates, there to the final part of the game.

Odin Crows in Mülheim

Ardent cliffs-Corvo 1/2

  • The crow is hidden underground, in the small underground passage that leads to a legendary chest and the second part of the area. Just explore a little you will find without difficulty.

Forge de Surtr-Corvo 2/2

  • In a window above the cliff overlooking the forge. Very quiet to catch too.

How to find and kill crows?

You should be able to find most crows without assistance for various reasons. In fact, each kingdom lists the total number of crows it contains, and each region lists its number of crows individually.

This means that by displaying the map, you can easily see how many crows are in the area. Thus preventing you from looking for even a madman in empty areas.

  • The crows are neon greens, are often easily seen. However, it will be necessary to show skill and a little time to kill those who steal. If you don’t have the patience to aim at the flying crows, an item obtained later in the game will make it easier.
  • However, many crows are hidden behind obstacles or protrusions, making it difficult to see them unless you look at the right place and from the right angle. But a track will help you: the characteristic noise of the crows. All of them emit grenades laments, which are heard in the area.


  • Some Odin crows cannot be killed immediately, this is normal. You will have to go back to the area later, when the story has advanced to open the ticket, or with a new tool.

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