FIFA 23 – Prolonged Meta is DEAD

The prolonged archetype, designated to gamers like Erlang Haaland and Virgil van Disk was the clear favorite, and now that duration is OVER.


FIFA 23 saw the arrival of new archetypes, producing 3 distinct categories for players and their pace attributes.

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FIFA 23 Meta Modifications

It is created to differentiate in between various running designs for players, splitting them into 3 categories depending upon how fast they can get off the mark, and how long they can maintain a high speed.


Now, the three different archetypes of prolonged, regulated and explosive are far more equivalent, with the advantage now removed from the taller gamers.


In a Tweet shared by FUT23News, the Meta was stated dead, with other archetypes now ending up being similarly as quickly, and even much faster, than the initial meta.


The prolonged archetype has actually been overpowered since the start of the video game however that power now seeks to have actually moved.

The prolonged archetype meta-breaking days are over, with a new update bringing a host of modifications, including a balancing of the brand-new rate designs.

Speed up is a new function in FIFA 23 for next-gen gamers only.

Instead, there will be much greater balance moving on, implying that once-overpowered gamers like Haaland, CR7 and van Disk may all will become a lot worse.

This change in meta might also signal bad things for FIFA 23 moving on, with a go back to the pace-focussed gameplay having the potential to mess up all of EA’s excellent work up until now.


These archetypes are:

Take a deep-dive into the Accelerate feature right here.


  • Managed – most players in FIFA 23 will fall into the Managed type as they accelerate evenly in a controlled manner.
  • Explosive – these are shorter and more agile players who are able to rapidly cover brief distances and get ahead of their challengers, even if that implies decreasing after the initial burst of velocity.
  • Lengthy – taller and stronger, these players require a bit more time to get going, but have the ability to reach anyone and even exceed them, offered they have enough range.

Not only will this provide more reasonable gameplay, it must likewise highlight player personalities on the pitch and develop more diverse player types.

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