Saints Row Designer Transferred To Transmission After Lackluster Launch

Economically, Saints Row has performed in line with management expectations in the quarter, the Embrace Group report stated. Moving forward, Volition will shift to enter into Gearbox which has all the tools, including a skilled management team in the United States, to create future success at Volition. This is the first internal group transfer where we move a significant studio in between operative groups, however it is not necessarily the last.


It was not stated what Volition would be working on next, but Embrace stated that the studio has actually been working hard to enhance the gamer experience.

In the exact same financial report, Embrace confirmed that Dead Island 2 had been delayed once again, an occurrence which is as familiar as Embrace’s acquisition announcements at this point.

The Saints Row designer Volition has been handled around internally within Embrace Group and is now under the umbrella of Transmission, Embrace revealed this week. The relocation was confirmed in the most recent monetary report from Embrace with the massive business confirming that this sort of transfer is the very first of its kind within the group. This shift also significantly follows the launch of this year’s Saints Row video game, a reboot criticized not just for its bugs however also the divisive instructions the game opted for compared to past titles.

Embrace used a few different views on Saints Row and Volition in the report that detailed the internal relocation. The video game not fulfill the complete expectations and left the fan base partly polarized which is something players already knew, however the group likewise said that the game performed in line with financial expectations for the quarter.

Gearbox is likewise owned by Embrace, and Volition is now under Transmission. It’s a big, webbed chain of designers being owned by different groups, but it all leads back to Embrace owning a load of various studios with an equally incredible number of games in the works.

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