How to save Jaime in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, players get acquainted with the plot in terms of five different characters. Jaime is one of them, and her life hangs in the balance in various chapters. Here are the decisions that you need to make to save Jaime in the Devil in me.


How to save Jaime in the office of the director in the film Devil in Me

In the office of the director of Kate and Jaime, they fall into the room with a wall under hydraulic pressure. There is a button on the wall, and pressing it changes the direction in which it collapses. The screwdriver is a key element in this situation, and shortly before this scene, Jaime offers her Kate. If Kate has a screwdriver, select the apology option for Jaime, and this will end with the fact that Kate will break the glass with a tool. As an alternative, if Jaime has a screwdriver, select the option rebellious. This scene ends with the fact that Jaime breaks the glass with a screwdriver.

How to save Jaime in pursuit of the devil in me

In the chapter Titan players fall into a situation where Dumas is enough for Jaime. You will play this role for Kate, and you will be offered two options. You can either escape or stay and save Jaime. We recommend saving Jaime, as this will not only improve the relationship between two characters, but also save her life.

How to save Jaime in Hosted in the Devil in me

In Hosted, Kate and Jaime meet the dog Connie, who whines in a wooden shack. Here you will encounter two key solutions when Dumas is approaching the house. If Kate is still alive, you need to choose an anxiety option and ask it to hide. In the same way, when Connie is going to bark, you can either kill the dog or save her life. We recommend saving Connie, as this will give Jaime and Kate the opportunity to escape from Duet. Kate leaves the shelter and beats Duet from behind, allowing Jaime and Connie to escape.

How to save Jaime on the lake in the Devil in me

The last chapter of the Lake includes the survival situation for all five main characters, and you must fulfill their corresponding ATE in order to save them. If Kate is alive, Jaime attacks Duet with a cylinder. After that, you will get the opportunity to jump or attack. If Jaime has a screwdriver, then attack, if not, then it is best to jump and save her life. As an alternative, if Kate is dead, Jaime should support Mark and attack Duet. Duet attack and ATE saves both Mark and Jaime.

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