How to show fps in Warzone 2

War zone 2 is demonstrating to be a popular sequel, but does not stop having a good amount of technical problems. If you have the mission of increasing the performance of your hardware, it is certainly not al1. However, before starting, you will want to make sure you have something to measure the changes. Here is how to show FPS in War zone 2 and some tips on how to increase FPS in general.

Explanation of the War zone 2 Show FPS option

Activating FPS statistics, so you can measure your hardware performance is perfectly simple. Of course, you can only do this on the PC since the consoles are blocked at 30, 60 or 120 fps, according to the PlayStation / Xbox model it has.

For those on PC, there are two different methods to show SPF, and choose which one you use more or less is determined by the client you used to download and install the game.

Steam FPS counter

If you are playing through Steam, Show FPS is a generic configuration that you must activate. This is the following:

Settings> In the game> FPS counter in the game.

This will show fps in all your Steam games once activated.

FPS counter in the War zone game

Image source: Activision through

For everyone else, it is possible to activate the SPF accountant through a game configuration. This can be found in the telemetry section of your configuration menu, as seen above.

To show FPS, simply activate the SPF accountant.

How to increase fps in War zone 2

Similar to the general description we provide in our recent guide that details how to reduce the delay in the game, increase the FPS in War zone 2 is reduced to reducing the graphic configuration. Obviously, everything that is established high must be reduced, and can increase the FPS deactivating functions such as V-SYC, transmission of textures on demand and many others. Here is a low configuration example that would help reinforce the FPS in the game without compromising the graphics too much:

  • V-SNC: Disabled
  • Texture resolution: Normal
  • Anisotropic texture filter: normal
  • Near detail level: high
  • Distant level of detail: low
  • Disorder drawing distance: short
  • Particle quality: low
  • Particle quality level: low
  • Balance impacts and aerosols: ignition
  • Shadow quality: low
  • Vessels: Disabled
  • Land memory: max.


  • Streaming of textures on demand: deactivated
  • Transmission Quality: Low
  • Volumetric quality: medium
  • Quality of deferred physics: disabled
  • Water caustics: off
  • Shadow map resolution: Low
  • Shadows in the screen space: deactivated
  • Punctual Shadow Quality: Low
  • Point cache: bass
  • Particle lighting: low
  • Environmental occlusion: deactivated
  • Screen space reflexes: disabled
  • Static reflection quality: low
  • Meteorological grid volumes: disabled
  • Low latency of Nvidia Reflection: Activated
  • Field depth: disabled
  • World Movement blur: disabled
  • Weapon movement blur: deactivated

That is all we have in how to show FPS in War zone 2. To get more useful tips and guides on the game, look for DLPRIVATOSERVER or consult some related contents listed below.

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