Lol: Deft has a rope for a while and will continue his career as a professional player

It seemed that everything indicated that after the world title of DRX against T1 by three maps to two, it made Deft enjoy his last dance and that he would sign his withdrawal as a professional player of League of Legends. However, it seems that the opposite will happen for Mob fans, who will enjoy the legendary shooter for a few more years.

This has been confirmed by the shooter himself in a personal article talking about his career as a professional player in The Players Tribune. This portal is a real delight for traditional and electronic sport fans, and taking advantage of their stay in the United States since the Worlds played there, took the opportunity to write this article.

It was no longer Kim Hyeok-Gyu. It was just Deft

With an article called I just want to continue dreaming, Deft talks about his experience as a player throughout these years and how he has managed to recover the lost desire and motivation: I lost myself. I lost the child who fell in love with League of Legends, and I missed that child. That child was emotional. He was not afraid of feeling things. His mind ward in. That child dreamed, said the shooter in one of those paragraphs.

He also talked about the famous play in which the link remained at a point of life. After winning the series, he dedicated and attributed the victory to all who supported him over the years and, in particular, to his teammates and family for believing always that he would go so far in a tournament that he had always resisted

And with a grateful heart, I would like to stay and make more happy memories with my teammates and fans, to continue this trip, Deft wrote. I can say now that one day I can leave League without regrets. But it is not yet that day, so everything indicates that although he is currently a free agent, his career as a professional player can be extended during more than one season.



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