How to defeat the director of Clavella in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Director Cavell is the penultimate battle in the Pokémon Scarlet & Violets Star fall Street storyline, and three different teams participate in it. Each team has the same first three Pokémon, but the other three parts of his team will be determined by which starter the player chose at the beginning of the game. It is recommended that the level of Pokémon is not lower than 61, and the remaining storylines are completed. This is all you need to know the players about the battle with Director Cavell in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

How to win the director of Capella in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Director of Cavell will have one of three teams, depending on who is a Starter Pokémon players chose at the beginning of the game. It is recommended that Pokémon are pumped to at least 61 levels, as it can be a very difficult battle, if the level is lower. By this moment, the players had to go through the last gym in the storyline Victory Road with an ice hall, since an ace for the hall is the 48th level. Even the titanium-dragon is suitable for battle at the 55th level and can be wrapped to the end. This plot. Capella team:

  • Orange of the 60 level-normal/mental, weak to darkness and beetle with a rough game, yawn, denser of dreams and reflection.
  • Level 60 abomedly-grass/ice, weak to battle, fire, insect, stone, flight, poison and steel with a wooden hammer, a fragment of ice, a snowstorm and a veil of Aurora.
  • Half-tiester level 60-a pure ghost, a weak for darkness and a ghost with Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp and Shell Smash.


  • (starter Sprigatito or Fresco) Level 60-grass/poison, weak to mental, flight, fire and ice with GIG DRAIN, HEX, SPORE and TOXIC.
  • (Sprigatito or Equally Starter) Yards level 60-water/flight, weak to an electrician and stone with a water tail, earthquake, stone edge and crunch.
  • (Fresco or Equally Starter) Level 60-darkness/fire, weak to water, earth, stone and the fight against a dark impulse, a fiery explosion, a mud bomb and a thunderous fang.
  • (Opiate Starter) Level 61 skeletirge-fire/ghost with a type of fire, is weak against the ghost, darkness, stone, earth and water with a torch song, a ball of the shadow, the power of the earth and growl.
  • (Fukuoka Starter) level 61-water/fight against water-water type, weak to electric, herbal, flying, enchanting and mental with a water step, the destruction of brick, ice spinner and air acre.
  • (Kvakksli starter) level 61 meuscaras-herbal/dark with a type of grass, weak to fire, ice, insect, poison, flight, frame and battle with a floral trick, shadow claw, a rough game and a thunderous blow.

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Having overcome the threat of each Pokémon, the orange will use yawn to force the player Pokémon to fall asleep at the end of the next move. To avoid this, players can use the Chest Berry to wake up, or just cure it if they want to waste a move. Reflection will reduce the habit of physical techniques by 5 moves, so it is important that the players quickly neutralize it or use special techniques instead. ABOMOSOSOU will also use the Aurora veil to halve the damage from both physical and special techniques, at the same time, a snow storm and a wooden hammer for large damage will be able to use. Due to his ability, warnings about snow, it will be snowy and increase the protection of the ice type poems until the snow ends. It can be destroyed without any problems using an attack such as Special Fire, and it needs to be dealt with quickly before he raises the protection of the entire team.

Poltergeist can use Will-O-WISP to burn the player Pokémon, as a result of which their attack indicator is halved. He will also try to increase his own statistics using Shell Smash, sacrificing his defense and special protection to increase the attack, special attack and speed. When attacking a half-tiger, a physical technique is activated by its weak armor ability, which reduces its protection to one level in exchange for increasing its speed by two levels. Yardarm, intimidation, will also reduce the attack of Pokémon, if it is transferred to one stage, and he uses all physical attacks. It will require four times more damage from electrical techniques, and it can be opposed by taking Pokémon with high protection and strong special techniques.

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Fungus will try to use Spore or Toxic to double damage from HEX, and will be very tenacious. Physical attacks can cause the effect of its ability, spores of the effect and can give the player a state of sleep, paralysis or poisoning. Country has a high special attack, but very weak in defense, so it is easy to cope with it if the player Pokémon can overtake him. Without fast Pokémon, players can rely on Pokémon with high special protection or priority, such as Mach Punch to defeat Outdoor.

Mustard can easily fall with the help of a powerful movement of the beetle, but will always cause a critical blow with a flower trick. If the players increased the protection of their Pokémon, a critical blow will cancel all these positive effects. Aqua val is very strong and will continue to increase its speed using Aqua Step. He has all the physical movements, which makes protection in Pokémon important for the battle, but if necessary, it can be removed using a strong priority movement.

Skewering will continue to increase his special attack using Torch Song and can even reduce the special attack of the player with Snarl. He has a very high protection, which facilitates damage to special techniques, but after a sufficient number of blows with a lever, the damage will begin to become less and less. Players should be very careful with any of the starting poems, when they have little HP, since it is then that their abilities are triggered. Blaze, Over grower and Torrent will be activated at a low HP level, increasing the speed of Fire, Grass and Water of this Pokémon by 50%, respectively.

After the battle, the players will face Penny. To get help in battle, read the section How to defeat the leader of the Star Penny team in the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet game in the game for professionals.

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