Dungeons & Dragons Very First 2023 Book Description, Release Date Revealed


The Amazon page for the next Dungeons & Dragons book is up, supplying fans with some new info about the upcoming anthology. The page for Keys From the Golden Vault just launched on Amazon, revealing that the anthology book will be released on February 21, 2023. A new description of the book can likewise be discovered on the page, mentioning Greetings, traveler. You’ve snuck in and discovered a marvelous treasure! Keys From the Golden Vault is a Dungeons & Dragons experience anthology with a heist at the center of every tale. Nothing else is yet understood about the contents of this tome, but watch on your favorite D&D news sources for your first preview inside. The Amazon page’s publication most likely means that a cover expose, and additional information will be coming soon.

Other D&D books confirmed for 2023 includes the giant-themed Big by Provides: Splendor of the Giants, The Book of Many Things, which focuses on the Deck of Lots Of Things, a full Lost Mines of Chandelier campaign, and a brand-new Plan escape boxed set.

Per an item description, Keys From the Golden Vault is 208 pages long. By comparison, Journeys Through the Radiant Castle was 224-pages.

We knew formerly that Keys From the Golden Vault was the yearly anthology book, continuing an annual release schedule of themed experiences that dates back to Candle keep Mysteries in 2021. Previous anthology books prior to 2021 reprinted past D&D adventures that were upgraded for Fifth Edition.

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