Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: The three Pokemon most hated by competitive fans


Pokémon Scarlet and Purple was launched more than ten days ago. A time that players with the greatest competitive eagerness have used to analyze Pokédex complete Pale, trying to find and eliminate competitive modes to the strongest or unfair creatures to face. It is a destination that Hound stone, Melenaletelo, Paladin and Ferraro already suffered. However, the list could soon be expanded with the three most hated monsters by the individual fighting community.

The most hated scarlet and purple Pokemon

First, we must remember that the Pokemon bane by the community can still be used in the official game and VGC tournaments. Prohibitions affect only individual fighting. These are usually carried out on an external platform called Pokemon Showdown that follows the rules created by the players themselves. It is they who decide which creatures are too powerful to be present in the main mode, which is called OF. Thus, more interesting games take place in which we can find a greater variety of creatures.

Knowing this context and the four Pokemon that have already been prohibited, it is time to move on to those that could be the next three prohibitions. They have not yet been banned because they survived the first vote and still need a little more time to make decisions. However, everything indicates that they are the great candidates to disappear in the main game mode in the future. Next we will review what creatures of scarlet and purple are in this situation, why and what are their possibilities of being prohibited in the future.

The situation of all these creatures will be analyzed again very soon, since the game has just left. There are many chances that cycling (or autonomy) ends up with Annihilate (or fur). The truth is that, although Pokemon Scarlet and Purple has introduced some very powerful creatures, the biggest problem is being some concrete attacks that generate somewhat unpleasant situations in creatures that would otherwise have been well and could be used only and could be used in all competitive ways.

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