Charizards best nature in scarlet and purple Pokemon, explained

Harvard is making his way in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple with his appearance in The Raids.

Once you catch one, it is easy to raise it and add it to your team with the correct combination of skill, attacks and nature.
You are probably wondering how to refine your character before evolving it, so here you will find everything you need to know about the best nature for Harvard in scarlet and purple Pokémon.

What nature do you give Harvard in scarlet and purple Pokémon?

Shy is the best nature for Harvard, the speed at the cost of the attack increases, which is fine since its special attack combined with the increases in the attack of sunlight fire inflicts a lot of damage and how fast it is with the additional speed.
Lanzaluela and fire explosion are good options, but prepare so that explosion of fire fails at inconvenient moments.
Although he learns movements such as Dragon Claw and Earthquake, Harvard does not have much potential as a physical attacker since he cannot evolve in Pale.
Harvard is good to cover his weakness to water when you have a Sun Setter and Solar beam.


He loses half of his HP for Stealth Rock, so be careful when changing it and avoiding rock slide at all costs.
Its only other weakness is Electric, so it is good to have a Pokémon Ground-Type or Volt Absorb to enter.
That is all we have in the best nature of Harvard in Scarlet and Purple Pokémon.
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