New environment, castle floorings, upcoming fashion jewelry in the very first extension of V rising

Anticipated Lances of V increasing was introduced last May and the vampire game undoubtedly appealed to players.


To maintain them, the St unlock studio offers the deployment of a very first totally free extension in 2023 and the Swedish designer sketches the primary lines in a brand-new blog post-specifying in passing that the studio is dealing with, but that
Of his tasks are not yet exposed, and that there are still a number of months of work.
In essence, we remember that the video game of a game is planned to Legendre, by means of Lajet of a brand-new environment on the planet of Pardon.
The developer is still not extremely prolix, but guarantees a living territory and distinct from those currently readily available.
Details will be communicated later on and Dice there, St unlock defines that the existing locations will also be reworked-for example to add new bumps (to track down for the V Blood) and new functions like Lajet de Marchés.

Gamers will have the ability to purchase and sell more or less rare items there, however will also have to count with the feelings of merchants (more or less hostile or indifferent to vampires and in many cases, it will be essential to disguise yourself to go to a store).
As we understood, the studio also deals with an enhancement in castles and in particular the possibility of numerous flooring.
It is certainly complicated to achieve on a technical level, however with regard to the crying of the castles in V Rising, the studio believes that effort is warranted (in addition to the witchcraft and some human sacrifices in operation).
The studio also deals with a jewelry system.
Players will have the ability to find or make gems and utilize them to modify the impacts of their spells.
What to deepen the gameplay and give more creative flexibility to the gamers.
In the very same vein, the designer also wishes to remodel the V rising magic schools: leaflet consists in creating a more vibrant and varied system of spells to motivate combinations and permit more different game designs.
The designer provides for numerous other developments, such as user interface and inventory management changes, promises surprises in the weeks and months to come (an existing task which is not yet exposed), which will be revealed slowly.
Less wonderful, St unlock also indicates that such an update Damper will assume a Wipe of main servers-and personal servers if the gamers wish to benefit from the new functions.
This is the lot of early access.

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