Tekken 8 will be returned from Jun Kazama and gains history trailer

Banzai NAMC revealed during The Game Awards 2022 the first story trailer of Taken 8, the franchise game that will mark the return of the character Jun Mazama, mother of Jin and former love interest of Kahuna Minima.
The character, who was presumed to be dead since Taken 3, returns to the franchise mysteriously, since her whereabouts was a mystery for over 25 years in the franchise and the fighter had appeared only in non-canonical games with the main story, such as those
Spin-Offs of the Taken Tag Tournament series.
The story trailer shows that Kahuna Minima has plunged the world at war and complete chaos since he managed to defeat and kill his own father, Karachi, at the end of Taken 7’s story mode, and will be mainly to Jin to end his father once, once
that the blood lineage of the Minima seems to be condemned to parents and children to try to kill each other.


Jin’s purpose, however, seems more noble this time, as the protagonist’s main motivation seems to be an end to Kahuna’s reign of terror and destruction.
The trailer indicates that at least at the beginning of history, Jin seems not to be powerful enough to stop his own father, and while sinking into the sea, he has a memory of his mother, Jun.
At this moment, the trailer reveals that the fighter, who had been supposedly dead by the character Ogre, the final chief of Taken 3, when Jin was still a teenager, returns mysteriously and seems willing to help Jin and purify the world of evil and
of corruption in the character’s own words in the trailer.

Jun Mazama has returned to life or was it missing for over 20 years?

For some reason Jun is surprisingly young, appearing to be just a little older than it was in Taken 2, when Jin had not even been born.
The ethereal tone of the video seems to suggest that Jun will be present in the game, but as a kind of divinity capable of purifying even Jin’s Devil Gene, something the fighter inherited from his father Kahuna.
If this is the case, the nature of Jun’s powers is most likely to keep her young or, in a second hypothesis, that the fighter somehow returned to life to help her son against Kahuna.
The trailer also shows the look of other characters who had not yet been revealed in Taken 8, highlighting very ief gameplay stretches of the characters Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, King, the Jack Robot (possibly in his Jack-8 version) and
Lars Alexanders son, renegade son of Hitachi Minima who seems willing to help Jin in the fight against Kahuna.
Paul and Law even appear with quite renewed looks, with the first look older than in Taken 7 and featuring a new, much less vertical hairstyle, and the second with much more pulled eyes than in the latest titles in the franchise.
Jack, in turn, now with an even more robotic look and uses a red display that resembles the X-Men Cyclops.
Taken 8 has not had a release date revealed by Banzai NAMC, but the game will have versions for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

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