The developer of Bioshock unveils Judas

Ken Levine, director of System Shock 2 or Bios hock, returns in force with Judas, a brand-new title.
Developed and edited by Ghost Story Games, is intended on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series on a still unidentified date.

In the purest line of the games made by Levine, we discover ourselves as soon as again facing a narrative FPS which has things to state.
What we see is very similar to his deal with Bios hock, but this time the history seems to overwhelm the gamer more than society.
Challenging to really say what it will be a lot the trailer is still too enigmatic.
One thing is certain, however, betrayals and alliances will be there.
On the gameplay side, Judas is not to have a great deal of difference with the other titles of the director.
It is narrative fps, most likely with RPG mechanics, in which therein can unlock powers.
Society appears to be adequately advanced to have cybernetic implants, validating the use of a particular type of magic.



Characteristics of Judas

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