Where To Find Barrism In The Lost Sector Of The Sanctum Of Bones On IO – Destiny 2


In the first step of the exodus quest: Evacuation in Destiny 2, you will have to find Barrism. He is located on IO in the Lost Sector of sanctum of bones.

For the first action of the exodus mission: Evacuation in Destiny 2, you will need to find Barrism, an effective enemy Taken Phalanx.
It is located in the Sanctum of Lost Bones and is a somewhat hard consumer.
This belongs to the observer effect action for the unique quest.
You can find the sanctum of bones simply in front of Asher Mir on IO.
All you need to do is turn around, cross the two pillars with strange angles and cross the dirt road.
The entryway to the sanctum of bones will be simply behind a large rock with a hunter symbol on it.
From there, endeavor into the Sanctum of Lost Bones and follow the only course available.
You will have enemies to eliminate, which is great since it helps you gather the traces of corruption you likewise require for this mission phase.
You will arrive in a space which contains a Taken Blight, and after that is a space with two platforms leading up with Taken Prions on it.
Take them out, then head to the tunnel at the top of the platforms.

Here you will find Barrism, and he has a good friend with him, in charge of the lost sector.
Take them both in the manner in which fits you, and you will get the sample taken from the death of Barrism.
After that, head to the back of the space and open the lost sector cache to finish the last requirements for the observer result phase.

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