Friendship of the Second Level Stitch: Disney Drimelaite Valley

When Stitch arrives in the Disney Drimelaite Valley, problems quickly arise.
If you need help in the passage of the Stick’s quest line, or you are just wondering what awaits you, you got to the right place.
Here’s how to fulfill the first quest of the Friendship of Stick Checking the level of kindness in Disney Dream light Valley.

How to take a check of the level of kindness in Disney Dream light Valley

To start this quest, you need to unlock Stitch and increase the level of friendship of Stitch to the second level.
You also need to advance a little in the quest line of friendship Donald Data.
The game will tell you that there is a hidden requirement to start a quest.

Interact with any of the three signs of vandalism in the image of Donald Data on the paths between the peaceful meadow and the Dazzle Beach or a clearing of trust to start the quest.


We recommend taking all three, because you will need them in the quest.
As soon as you are offered to start, go and talk with Donald DAK.
Stick was out of spirit, so Donald placed these signs to keep Stitch away from a peaceful meadow… And Stick immediately painted them.
Go and talk with Stick about his antics.
He did not want to upset Donald, just some fun.
Stick feels bad because of this, so you suggest helping him correct the signs.
You will need to collect the following materials:
15 deciduous rocks
15 soft wood
Three spoiled signs
Give part of these materials to Stitch, and then create two new signs of Donald on any workshop from the furniture of the tab to show the STITCH, as is done.
Take them Stitch, which represents your own sign, then go and place the signs anywhere around the peaceful meadow using your furniture menu.
The last thing to do is talk to Stick and ask him to apologize to Donald.
Follow him and watch how he corrects the situation to fulfill this quest.
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