Leverkusen player Nadiem Amiri helps people in Afghanistan

Bundesliga professional Nadeem Amir from Bayer Leverkusen assists people in his second house in Afghanistan.
With his donation, the five-time German international allows the care of 300 households with emergency situation aid bundles by the aid company World Vision.
As people who matured in Germany, and especially as football professionals, we enjoy substantial advantages, stated the 26-year-old Amir.
He for that reason desired to help less privileged and provide a satisfaction.
He likewise encourages others, not just his expert colleagues, to do it equally: Everybody can make their contribution.
In Afghanistan, every third occupant is presently depending on humanitarian help.
Amir reported that he was injured in the heart of how people suffer.
He does not know what hunger, fear or is, Amir said in a video about his campaign on Instagram, and nobody ought to feel that in this world.
In the home of his moms and dads who fled to Germany in the 1980s.
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The Caretaker Afghanistan, which can be bought at the cost of 50 euros (www.worldvision.de/nadiemamiri), goes straight to the needy.


It contains blankets and hygiene items and assists to substantially enhance the scenario of those affected.
What is unworthy mentioning in this nation assists through winter in Afghanistan, stated Amir.

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