Gungrave Gore Launches The Gungrave Gore – 1.01 Update: Cartoon Mode

The Gun grave Gore team announced the 1.01 patch of Gun grave Gore, including Cartoon Mode.
In the last 1.00 patch, the patch was focused on improving user convenience, and the Gun grave Gore, which led to a positive response from users, performed the contents, balance tuning, and minor bug pix added through the 1.01 patch.

Added content

Cartoon Mode: We added a mode to enjoy the visuals in the cartoon style for fan oils with the original nostalgia.
You can set up the video settings in the options, and you can enjoy both the existing live-action and cartoon styles, so you can play according to the user’s taste.
This mode is provided free of charge to all users.

Add children’s motion: If you maintain children’s condition for more than 10 seconds, Grave’s poses are randomly triggered.

In particular, this pose added a new pose designed by NATO Bashir.

Dynamic cameras are installed in some Demolition shots: some Demolition shots include dynamic cameras.
You can enjoy a more cool Demolition shot.

Balancing and system improvement: Balancing and system for about 25 items have been improved so that users can play more comfortably and cool.


Kim Daemon, a producer of Gun grave Gore team, said, We have improved the balance so that we can enjoy more comfortable and more comfortable by referring to the feedback of users.
As we are improving the title of a cool action game, please enjoy new patches and look forward to the later patch.

The 1.01 patch is Korean time, starting with the PC version from 01:00 on December 17, and the console version is reeled sequentially.
It will be Leeds.
Detailed information on the patch can be found on the official website after the patch distribution.

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