The Witcher 3 Update: Blunt Sword Into Legendary Weapon

The latest patch for CD Project Red’s The Witcher 3 is just a few hours away and one of the most anticipated changes is that the game’s iconic Blunt Sword will be upgraded to Legendary quality.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S variations for The Witcher 3 not only bring a technical upgrade with them, however likewise alter many little things compared to the original.
It is now possible to stroke the roach and the minimum height for fall damage has actually likewise been adjusted.
In addition, a bothersome fast travel point was moved so that we can save a long time.
Another change affects a weapon that Gerald from Rival finds in the course of its experience.
In the original, the sword was still a useless weapon, but in the Next Gen variation she all of a sudden turns into a very useful buddy for the Witcher.

Witcher 3 makes a magnificent sword out of toothpick

Which sword is it about?
Throughout the mission series Waffenbrüder: Kellie we can try to win the NPC Coach to Crate as allies for the excellent battle in Keyed Moorhen.
He and the famous sword deal winter blade when he exposes to us that he can not support us on site.
Numerous myths increased around the sword, of which even Gerald understands: the sword is stated to have been created in the dragon fire and have an unbelievable strength.
What we found in the course of the initial variation of The Witcher 3 was a more bitter frustration.
What is the problem?
At the time when we discover the sword, it was already under level.
For the most part we already had many swords in the stock that were stronger than the legendary sword.
With the update, however, the flaw was gotten rid of by CD job.
How gorgeous The Witcher 3 has actually ended up being can now be taped with the brand-new photo mode:
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What has the advancement team altered?
The sword is now with Gerald.
This suggests that its strength adapts to advance and will never be a subsoil worth.


So winter blade becomes a faithful companion that must be fetched as soon as possible.
What can the sword in fact do?
The winter blade is a steel sword that must be used against humanoids.
In addition to substantial damage, the sword has the bonus offer of armor bore, crucial hit reward and chance of freezing.
Are you happy that such little things were adapted to the Next Gen upgrade, or would you have preferred improvements elsewhere?

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