Anno 1800 does not start: patch 16.0 is released, players still report problems

Ubisoft recently released a patch 16.0 for the PC version of Anna 1800. Since then, there have been increasing reports that it is no longer possible to start the construction game.

Ubisoft Mainz launches a brand-new patch for Anna 1800 as a download.
With the upgrade, the developers wish to fix the start problems that users have actually reported because the release of Game-Update 16.
We have actually just played a patch for Anna 1800 that should repair the start issues for many gamers. Please examine the game files for the patch, said the makers for the previous weekend.
If you had beginning problems with Anna 1800, you should have the existing video game information on Steam and Ubisoft Link analyzed for errors after the patch download.

patch exists, continued issues

Players continue to register on Twitter, in whom Anna 1800 (now purchase EUR 34.90/ EUR 53.99) does not start – even after setting up the new patch.

Regrettably, the game still does not start. The ‘Ubisoft Connect’ window appears, the charging circle turns and turns and absolutely nothing occurs, reports user Ronny Borowski.
User Castor Troy reports similar issues: For me, the blue circle continues to turn. I installed the patch and checked the files.
D0KTORDON, in turn, writes that the video game works, however the multiplayer mode is still over: You prepare the lobby, start, and hardly start the loading screen, you get the LR40 error.
Players who also have problems with Anna 1800 after the brand-new patch must report to the designers, for example by direct message on Twitter or in the forums of the Ubisoft site.
Check the operating system and graphics card chauffeur for possible brand-new updates.
The developers have more solutions for beginning problems from Anna 1800 under the link set.
It is not known whether the new upgrade is only separated cases in which Anna 1800 is still not carried out.


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