The Rise And Fall Of A Nintendo Developer

For years, Nintendo has been the platform of champions. Mario, Link, Donkey Kong – all these early stars in the gaming world found their success on Nintendo’s 8-bit platform. And their success continued for decades to come. But then the unthinkable happened: Nintendo started to struggle. And now, it’s finally time to admit that we might be seeing the end of an era.

As a Combat producer at Sony Santa Monica, Hannah Fell worked on the last 2 God of War spin-offs.
Now she continues to join Nintendo of America.
There she works as a senior supervisor for partner management from January.


for exciting brand-new experiences

In more detail, she takes care of the third-party relationships with developers and publishers.
In order to offer the gamers interesting brand-new experiences, she deals with AAA studios.
Nintendo still appears to be trying to enhance business relationships with third-party suppliers.
The Change’s launch in 2017 looked pretty bleak in this regard.
In the meantime, the situation has actually enhanced, however Nintendo still can not keep up with Sony and Microsoft’s third party support.

For that reason, the Japanese computer game company is working on making additional development.
In any case, the change from gameplay producer to the third celebration supervisor is a huge change.
In the comments, numerous are enthusiastic about this career step and wish her all the best.
Time has to reveal how Hannah Fell will contribute to the future of Nintendo.
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