The Witcher 3: PC-Hotfix gegen Performance. Finally less jerking in the next-gen version of The

Have you ever experienced jerky gameplay on the next-gen version of The Witcher 3? If so, you’re not al1. Many PC players have complained about poor performance and lag that detract from their gaming experience. Fortunately, a hotfix has been released to help alleviate these issues – read on to find out more about what it does and how it can help improve your gaming experience!

Because December 14, 2022, the popular dream role-playing video game The Witcher 3 is shining in a brand-new shine: The Next-Gen-Update has been published and relies on contemporary graphics elegance.
It is barely unexpected for hardly anyone that this needs more powerful hardware than was necessary when the video game was released in 2015.
What was a shock for lots of: the performance of the next gene upgrade on the PC.
Thanks to Hotfix spot, these issues should be gotten rid of.


Hotfix for Witcher 3: Problems of the Next Gen version on PC in focus

On the main Steam page of the game, the developers only quickly emphasized that there is a hotfix: We simply have a hotfix for The Witcher 3 (now buy EUR 27.10): Wild Hunt released on PC, which stability and
Enhance performance of the video game as an entire and repair problems with the GOG and Steam overlays. This does not change the video game variation.
The 3 GB large update does not seem to have assisted all Witcher fans.
In the Subreddit for The Witcher 3, gamers who are anything however rosy exchange gamers who are anything but rosy:
I believe I have a couple of more FPS, but there are still big break-ins that I can go from 53 FPS to 36 within a 2nd. There were FPS robberies in front of the Next Gen upgrade, however that had to do with 5 fps, not 15 or 20. On the whole, it appears like not all kernels/threads.
Yes, I still get bad FPS and even worse quality when I use DX12.

  • Now plays with DX11, a lot more steady frame rates and still looks fantastic.
    However, there are also players who have actually had positive experiences with the hotfix: My problems of the GPU use was fully fixed after the Hotfix… The Hotfix increased my FPS with RT from 30fPS to 45.
    Or the other day’s spot has actually fixed many of my problems.
    What about with you?
    Did the hotfix patch aid you?
    Or is your PC variation still in need of improvement?
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