Popular MMORPG Gets A New Skill For The First Time In 10 Years Because 150,000 Fans Want That

It’s not often that video game fans can come together on such a large scale to make a change to their favorite game – but that’s exactly what happened with Old school RuneScape! With over 150,000 fans expressing their support, the popular MMORPG will be introducing a brand-new skill for the first time in 10 years. Find out more about this remarkable story in this article!

Old school RuneScape, as the name recommends, is truly traditional.
The game is normally on the run of RuneScape of 2007 and appeared in early 2013 to restore the old days.

And now an entirely new ability comes to the MMORPG, for the very first time in 10 years.
Why is a new skill so special?
RuneScape is a real MMORPG veteran.
The game originally appeared in January 2001 and is still extremely successful to date.
There are presently two variations of the MMORPG, the regular RuneScape and the old school RuneScape published in 2013.


Old school RuneScape is at the status of the video game from August 2007, which indicates that a great deal of fans is really satisfied, because the game has been routinely discovered in all pertinent MMORPG top lists because its release practically 10 years ago.
There were constantly improvements that were executed, despite the fact that they were brand-new, however there was no brand-new skill throughout the entire time of Old school RuneScape.
Due to the fact that the neighborhood desires that, that must alter now.
How did that happen?
After the desire for a brand-new ability has often appeared in the neighborhood, the developers began a vote.
191,000 fans took part in this.
An overall of 80.9 % of them spoke up for the brand-new ability.
Without knowing what kind of capability this should be.
Since the designers want to choose this together with the neighborhood in the next step.
In the course of 2023, the ability must be implemented in Old school RuneScape, a full 10 years after the launch of the MMORPG.
Old school RuneScape is also one of our 5 old MMORPGs that are still played actively:

The brand-new ability is produced together with the players

How is the brand-new ability developed?
It is not yet clear what this will be.
However, the developers build the ability together with the community in a complex development stage.
Neighborhood Supervisor Asia describes how this works in detail in a video (by means of YouTube).
According to this, there must be further studies in the next stage which Art Skill you actually want to have in the game and in which instructions the development must go.
Then you want to have numerous skills pitches and the gamers voted and discuss again.
In the next action, an ability will then be chosen, which will be further refined afterwards, and the community needs to vote on it once again.
Just then do the developers wish to finally devote themselves to the selected ability and bring it into play in a beta stage.
What does the neighborhood state?
In a thread on Reddit, the topic is of course fiercely disputed, so we would likewise like to have some fans’ state at this point (by means of Reddit):.
Boogiethehedgehog writes: The outcome is incredibly good, even higher than the 78 with which they had expected.
The huge question, nevertheless, is whether there will ever be something that all JA voters consent to..
Ploki122 says: By the way, this is the coordination with the majority of participants.
In general, only 2 votes have actually received over 100,000 votes so far, and the new skill is even greater than the Iron man mode..
Philly mores than happy: Bingo!
This is a terrific outcome from the neighborhood.
Finally, we get a new skill!.
Do you presently play RuneScape yourself and have an opinion on the topic?
Are you possibly impacted yourself and want to take part in the study for the brand-new ability?
Or did you say no to the ability?
Please compose it in the comments here at Mango.
Incidentally, a fan in RuneScape required 8 years and almost 40,000 hours of play for an insane success, which is practically damaged by the new ability.

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