The Crew Motorfest: Ubisoft Unveils The Next Step In Video Game, Technology and Geek Culture

Ubisoft has announced the next opus in the Crew franchise.
This is the game The Crew Motor fest, a game that will be launched this year on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.
Welcome to the Motor fest!
This unique festival will allow you to benefit from the best of automotive culture and will offer cars lovers to achieve their driving goals via tailor-made racing series, theme decent and unique challenges.
No matter the tastes of players in terms of cars and driving, there will always be something to do for them.
The Crew Motor fest takes place in the most breathtaking and lively places on the planet: Life Oahu, in Archive Hawaii.
This island is the ideal playground to allow players to amuse by driving.

The latter will be able to race in the Honolulu streets, hitting slopes covered with volcanic ash, venturing into the lush tropical forest of life, drift on winding mountain roads or simply relaxing on a sunny beach.
Alone or as a team, players will be able to explore the whole of the driving of hundreds of vehicles among the most legendary.


As you will see in the video you can pilot many existing vehicles, among these we recognize the Ford Bronco, Lamborghini and also a Shelby Cobra.
Certainly, here are vehicles that will be interesting to drive.
Development team Ubisoft Ivory Tower has the most exciting and enriching possible play players.
To do this, some of the most involved players on the license will be able to fly tomorrow, Wednesday, February 1, by participating in the Insider program.
This closed test, divided into several phases, will allow the development team to collect the feedback from players in order to guarantee them an optimal experience when launching the game and beyond.
The first phase of the Insider program will be limited to the PC in order to allow faster iterations.
The closed test will welcome console players during the final test phases.
Players can be sin script now to have a chance to join the program on:
The players will be able to have the chance to benefit from a first overview of the next opus of the franchise The Crew by sin script on the Insider program which will start tomorrow, February 1
The Crew Motor fest will be available in 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, as well as on PC via Ubisoft Store, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft+, Ubisoft dabbing service.

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