Get Ready To Take On The Most Intense Driving Adventure of Your Life With The Crew Motor Fest!

The third work of the Ubisoft’s racing game franchise, The Crew’s series, The Crew Motor Fest is scheduled to be released within the year.


The Crew series is an open world racing game series set with a vast background, and has a slightly reduced scale, but has a wide field to make the whole America a stage.
In addition, in the second episode, not only simple cars but also various racing games, such as aircraft and motorboats, were freely changed.

However, ‘The Crew Motor fest’ seems to have found more detail and racing in the previous film, The Crew 2.
The stage of this work is ‘Oahu’ island in Hawaii.
‘The Crew Motor fest’ is based on this small island of 1,600 square kilometers in total area, and it provides a variety of racing environments such as sandy beaches and off-road tracks as well as packaging roads like volcanic islands.

In addition to the name ‘Motor fest’, this work is known to have a variety of high-performance cars, unique racing mode, and challenges based on the concept of automotive festivals.

The Crew Motor fest is being developed by Ubisoft Ivory Tower in Lyon, France, and is currently undergoing a private test program ‘Insider Program’ for PC version gamers.
The Insider Program will be expanding the target sequentially to console gamers later.

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