Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update – Bingryong Ibercana Appears! Get Ready For February 2nds Special

On February 2 (February 2), Cap com held a special program to introduce a new update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break.
The new update, which was released on YouTube, is also a DLC such as Singsong Iberian, a signboard monster of the super-large expansion pack of the last series, and LCS such as Event Quest, and Incantation.
It was released.

The update will also appear in the cold dragon Iberian, which was confirmed in the last title of the title.
Sun break’s Iberian was confirmed to freeze the moisture in the air and to make ice pillars, and the area struggle with Magi Mag ado was also prepared.

In addition, this update will lead to the overcoming individuals of Until’s vomiting, and ‘Chennai Yong Belarus’, following Nazi, Theo-Tescator and K-Shardaora.


The new skills will be applied along with the addition of the equipment of the two dragons, which will appear, and the Iberian Sugar can be ordered from the master rank 10 levels, and the Belarus can be received from the Master Rank 160.

The new update will also strengthen the bizarre survey content.
EX ★ 8 adds a groaning Gore-Margara of the bizarre chaos, and upgraded to the level of 220.
In addition, when level 111 is above, overcoming the monster dogs can appear, and the new material is also added to the weapon’s grenade’s softness, and the item lineup of the KOH Institute is also added.

New event quests are also distributed.
The difficulty of the struggle breaststroke quest is expected to add a simultaneous hunting quest of ‘Hungry’s Seasonal Basel Gus’ and ‘The Mooring Gore-Margara’, and the quest will be able to create a cute earplug equipment.
In addition, simultaneous hunting quests will be distributed at the fighting field of ‘Early Trajan’ and ‘Resentful Magi Mag ado’.

As a new paid DLC, the Monster Hunt, Baekryongyako, Dog, and Cats, which have been steadily appearing in the guide hunting guide from the Monster Hunter Rise, will appear.
In addition, pay downloads are also sold, gestures, poses, heads, paints, stamps, additional BMS, and additional voices.
In addition, it will also be sold to change the hunting guide to Minot, which will be transformed into the equipment Minot series.

The 4th free title update will be distributed on February 7, and the 5th free title update will be applied in April.
In the 5th free update, the emergence of the resurrected Kohryongjong Monster and the Enhanced Object Monster was announced.

In addition, the XBOX Series X | s, Xbox One, Windows, PS5, and PS4 were also released in the spring of 2023, and the new monster Iberian’s Parker is limited
Previous distribution was decided.

For more information about this update, please visit the official website.

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