Behind The Scenes Of An LCK Tournament: Interviews With Losers And Winners From The Insane Day Of Competition

The LCK site is always busy and insane.
Not to mention the coaches and teams in the game.
The same is true for the day when the game team employees, broadcasts, judges, broadcasts and field staff are all in the game.
At the end of the game, then you can turn on the stretch and lead your body.

Reporters are a little different.
In general, when the economy is in full swing, full-fledged field tasks begin.
Talk about the contents of the game with the victorious team managers or players, and share more external stories to contain their answers in the article.
The interview is one of the very important tasks for journalists visiting the field.

The 2023 LCK Spring Split has been added to the journalists.
It’s a loser interview.
In the past, only the winners were interviewed, but now the loser side visits the press room and goes to the interview.
I wanted to listen to the loser as much as the usual winner.

As the opening of the opening approached, I was worried about it.
I was worried that the loser interview would proceed properly due to the reflection of the LOL e-sports culture that is sensitive to winning and losing.
In Korea, there is a harsh atmosphere in toxic losers.
That’s why people who have been defeated in the game lean their heads and say that they are sorry for shutting down or stretching like a sinner.
I often saw the fan meeting of the defeated team, and everyone was sad to stand in front of the fans like a sinner.

Fortunately, the managers and players who were interviewing the loser after the opening of the LCK gave a lot of answers in the heavy atmosphere.
Although the cold atmosphere was cold because he couldn’t get the bitterness of defeat just before the interview, the journalists and the players filled the interviews with the good contents.

They talked in detail the analysis of why they were defeated in the game, the sad feelings that were buried there, the shortcomings they diagnosed, and how to overcome and improve them in the future.
Sometimes, there were quite a few satisfactions with the loser interviews than the winner interview.
‘Def’ Kim Ryukyu’s ‘not important thing’, which has developed into social memes, also appeared in the 2022 Rolled Cup loser interview.

This is not just satisfying reporters.
For fans who are not familiar with the internal circumstances of the game team and the team, the loser interviews will solve a lot of things.
Occasionally, there are times when there are frequent unfounded slander or criminal search for the defeated team, but the details of the loser interviews are revealed, so the atmosphere is somewhat reduced.
The loser himself says that, but it’s hard to turn it over to others.

Of course, teams that only lose their loses may not be able to come to the loser interview due to the depression and helplessness.
However, if the loser interviews are more interested in the loser than the winner interview, and the comments that give comfort and support to them, it may not be.

It is true that the defeat is painful, but the defeat is only defeat.
You can focus on your efforts to move forward as a foothold.
If you write a problem with you or explain it in words to others, you will have a certain level of healing, as well as the ability to objectively see the problems.
The loser interview clearly has a positive element in that sense.


Carefully convey the message of support for the bright future, along with a lot of directors and players who will go through the LCK schedule and find the press room.

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