Crossword Puzzle Mastermind: The Best New Ways To Challenge Your Brain

The crossword puzzle is a popular head game with words that makes millions of people rally their heads around the world.
He offers new daily tasks for morning coffee or a break, but can be a serious problem when you are stuck on a word.
At this moment, many people just give up, but do not worry.
We will always cover your back in Pro Game Guides and always find an answer that will help your crossworder move on!
As always, you should calculate the number of letters in a word to make sure that you have the correct answer.
It is also easier to guess the correct answer if you know how many letters are in it.

Here is the answer to part of the tint of the TNT crossworder, so you can solve your daily crossword puzzle!

Part of the response to TNT crossword puzzle

The response to the unraveling of the crossword puzzle Cowardly Leo-actor: Nitro (5 letters).
This hint appeared in the most popular online crosswords and in print media, such as LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and others.


Part of the response to the answer TNT crossword puzzle

Nitro is one of the three chemical components of 2.4.6-trinitrotoluene, also known as TNT.
TNT-explosive material intended for military and industrial purposes.
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