Doublelift Explains Why TSMs Epic Monologue Wasnt Enough To Win Over 100 Thieves

To this, Double lift replied stating the caster ought to say sorry to everybody who suffered spoken abuse and harassment. Double lift said Tigress ought to eliminate herself as the ineffective straw man where you still see yourself as the victim and it might really appear like an apology.


Double lift, a previous TSM player himself, explained that it was unusual work environment harassment and legality were included in an LCS segment. This is simply unusual, this is just so strange, and the manner in which its presented is so fucking unusual if you truly consider it. I mean, its office harassment, it’s like legality is included, there’s like actual suits included… this resembles a deeply distressing series of events that took place to a great deal of individuals, not just me, he said.

Tigress fellow caster, Azazel, however, applauded her for accepting the responsibility for this and described how it was not her fault totally, however rather the fault of the production group that let this go through.

Takes a great deal of guts to accept responsibility for something like this, Azazel said. You may have presented it, but at the end of the day it’s the responsibility of the entire LCS team to make certain things going out struck the right notes….

After viewing the segment that dug deep into the sensitive subject of work environment abuse at TSM, Double lift talked about his stream how the segment really missed out on the mark, stating it was unfair to the victims who suffered the abuse. This reminds me of child-focused theater, where its excessive theatricals, but for entertainment and funny… This is not amusing, this is not amusing, Double lift stated.

Seeing the backlash from the neighborhood, the caster who was featured in the LCS segment, Gabby Tigress Burden apologized on Twitter. She highlighted how this segment fizzled, and just more hurt individuals affected by these occasions.

On Feb. 4, 2 LCS groups who might quickly rule supreme and snag the cup for themselves clashed– TSM and 100 Thieves. To buzz up the audience for the match, the LCS broadcasting team prepared a segment featuring Reddit and Twitter posts on the TSM controversy that happened in 2022.

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