How Long Does It Take To Complete Hogwarts Legacy? A Guide To Get 100% Or Just Finish The Main Plot

Knowing how long it takes to zero a game is always a curiosity with each release.
With Hogwarts Legacy is no different.
In this text, we mention how many hours you will need to finish the game located in the Harry Potter world.

How long to zero Hogwarts Legacy?

only main story

In history or easy mode, it takes about 25 hours to complete the main plot in straight line.
However, it is unlikely that you want to ignore almost everything and follow only the mandatory missions.
The game is made to spend time exploring the castle, performing secondary missions and getting lost in the gigantic open world in search of Merlin’s puzzles.
Also, to complete the scenario, it is essential to progress in level and therefore accumulate experience points.


Therefore, the game lasts around 30 hours to complete the main mission, 35/40 hours in normal and difficult mode.
Considering that you spent a little time exploring and performing some optional missions.

The post-game

Spoiler Alert: Show as soon as the story is over, you will have to pass on your N.O.M.S (ordinary levels in spells) and this requires reaching level 36, and, above all, has collected all pages of your wizard guide.
So count on about ten hours to complete this mission, as well as the quests of the history of Sebastian, Poppy and NASA.

How long to finish 100%?

If you are a complete and seek 100% to get all the achievements of Hogwarts Legacy, get ready because you will have a lot to do!
You need to collect all the secrets of the game (the puzzles of Merlin and the emitted statues, for example), create all the fantastic animals and… complete the guide collection.
Also consider the conclusion of all secondary missions and the obligation to play in the 4 different houses.
In short, all this will give more than 75 hours of play.
Number that can rise even more if you walk (just to enjoy the atmosphere) through the Hogwarts corridors and Hogsmeade alleys.

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