How to Enable/Disable Ray Tracing in Hogwarts Legacy for PC Players


Like any other issue of AAA in recent years, Hogwarts Legacy supports rays or RTX tracing for compatible video cards.
PC players can take advantage of this technology of artificial intelligence, which significantly improves reflection, shadows and light effects in the gaming environment, providing players with a more exciting gameplay.
Although this parameter improves the graphic accuracy of the game, it is achieved by reducing performance and, therefore, is suitable only for graphic processors of the middle level.

How to enable or disable rays tracing in Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to change the parameters of rays tracing for Hogwarts Legacy, you can do this in the menu settings.

During the game, press the ESC, and then click the green tab in the lower right corner of the pause of the pause to open the settings.
From there, go to the parameters of the graphic gear should be the third option and marked with a yellow circle in the image above.
Now scroll down to the very end of the list, where you will find the following settings associated with rays tracing:
Reflection of ray trace: turn on or off
Shade shadows: turn on or off
Ambient OCCLUSION: Turn on or off
The quality of ray trace: select low, medium, high and ultra
After changing any of these options, you must click on the settings and restart the game so that the changes come into force.
In our testing, we found that the Ray Tracing Reflection and Ray Tracing Shadows are of great importance for graphic improvements, but the decrease in performance is also very significant.
For testing, use the test of the option directly above the rays trace settings.
If you have a medium-level graphic processor, and you really want to try ray tracing, we recommend configuring global quality premium and other graphics settings.
In addition, be sure to use Assayer, such as NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR 2, depending on your graphic processor.
This setting can be found in the display parameters> type of increase in scale.
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