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Spot 10.0.5 for World of Warcraft has been available on the live servers for a while, while with Patch 10.0.7 the next small upgrade is already implicating its shadow on the public test server.
After we have already reported that the designers will add new filter choices for the chat with the patch, there is now also excellent news on the graphics front: due to the fact that WOW will soon get a VRS mode.

VRS mode available in 2 variants for WoW on the PTR

WOW: Spot 10.0.7 brings VRS mode for higher frame rate (2) Source: Rubbed The abbreviation VRS represents variable rate shading.
VRS ensures a greater image rate by dividing photos revealed by the graphics card into blocks.

Small things that are not in the player’s field of view are then appointed less efficiency, while more intricate content in the direct visual field receives more arithmetic power.
This increases the frame rate, whereby the human eye in the less prioritized parts of the image can virtually not perceive a difference in the graphic quality.
The following video from Digital Foundry explains precisely how VRS works and what the innovation appears like in practice:
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The VRS option is already available on the wow (purchase now) spot 10.0.7.


If you scroll down a bit, you can discover them in the system options under graphic.
If you wish to activate the VRS mode, 2 options are available: The basic variation triggers VRS without visible losses in the visual quality of WOW.
As a 2nd choice, you can likewise select the Aggressive variant, which implies slight loss of quality in very little graphic details in favor of a lot more FPS.
Source: Towhead
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