New Attack On Titan Final Season Trailer Revealed – Catch the Last Chapters Before the Definitive End

For a long time, Attack On Titan has been giving news that finally a conclusion has been reached, this through the division of season four into three different parts.
Despite this lengthening of the conclusion, fans have remained aware of the franchise, and that is why a new trailer has been launched.
This last trailer takes a look at the first special episode so far, and also shows us how the final battle of humanity against Even Yeager and Rumbling will develop.
This with moments of unbridled action characteristic of the series, as well as so many emotional that fans of manga adaptation will recognize.
Chicago here:
This is the synopsis of the series:

One hundred years ago, the Titans appeared.
Given this invasion, humanity was forced to hide after huge walls so as not to become food.
In this way, human beings could renew peace and prosperity, to the point of almost forgetting the true reason why they lived locked up.
Then Even Jaeger appears, a young man who dreams of the outside world, tired of conformism.
Remember that this first part of the final season arrives on March 3.


Later this year the final part is released.

Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: We reached a point where it is already confusing to know which part is which.
But at least this year is the end for the anime, surely his fans will enjoy him fully.

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