First Look at Universal Studios Japans Pokemon Parade – Anime Fans Rejoice!

Universal Studios Japan uses its love of all things’ anime on its sleeve, with the style park having attractions that concentrate on the similarity Attack on Titan, One Item, Seafarer Moon, and even a flight that saw the pilots of Neon Genesis Evangelist dealing with Shin Godzilla. Currently, with the entertainment park continuing to add new anime tourist attractions to its locale, a Pokémon ceremony is readied to hit this version of Universal Studios which will certainly include life-sized variations of a few of the most significant pocket monsters from the anime and video gaming franchise business.


Pokémon has been gathering many headlines just recently not just many thanks to the current games launched on the Nintendo Change but with the anime adaptation aiming to retire Ash Ketchup as its major trainer following a twenty-plus-year stint as the protagonist. While Ash’s Pikachu will relatively join his fitness instructor in riding off right into the sundown, it was just recently revealed by the television collection that a brand-new electric rodent, referred to as captain pikachu, will certainly have a role to play in the journeys of the forthcoming anime stars, Like and Roy. Joined by its trainer, Fried, captain pikachu will continue the classic tradition of having a Pikachu play a crucial duty in the anime adaptation.

Pokémon on Ceremony

BrightestWorld shared the specific part of the No Limitation Ceremony at Universal Studios Japan featuring various Pokémon, with a current YouTube video clip from Universal Parks News Today additionally offering a full failure of the ceremony that additionally consists of characters from Super Mario, Peanuts, and various other Universal properties:

Just recently, Pokémon shared a variety of new jobs that get on the way when it concerns the world of computer animation, with Pokémon: Trip of Pokémon as well as dreams: Concierge readied to check out two brand-new tales that use new designs of animation outside the traditional 2-D that fans have become familiar with in the major anime. With Ash Ketchup’s last episode quickly approaching, Pokémon fans are questioning when the fitness instructor will certainly make a return to the anime’s future.


Pokémon has actually been amassing quite a few headlines recently not just many thanks to the current video games released on the Nintendo Switch over yet with the anime adjustment looking to retire Ash Ketchup as its primary instructor following a twenty-plus-year stint as the protagonist. What various other anime properties do you assume be entitled to a real-world ceremony of their own? Really feel free to allow us to understand in the comments or strike me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to speak all points comics, anime, and the globe of Pokémon.

Do you assume we’ll see this Pokémon parade make its means to the Universal Studios of North America? What various other anime properties do you believe deserve a real-world ceremony of their very own? Do not hesitate to allow us know in the remarks or hit me up straight on Twitter @EVComedy to chat all points comics, anime, as well as the world of Pokémon.

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