Solved: Mystery of Japanese Beach Ball Revealed – Disappointing Outcome

During these last days one of the greatest mysteries emerged in a beach in Japan, since from nowhere on the shore a certain object that was considered as doubtful origin appeared.
Even the authorities reported to the media about this event, so some began to investigate what it was, and the results can be disappointing.
After the object arrived in Takamatsu, Prefecture of Shikoku, officials with helmets and costumes for hazardous materials closed the area and even placed a traffic cone in the sand to keep people away.
That led to think that it could be an old mine transported by sea or some type of espionage instrument from another country.
After being analyzed with great exhaustively, the police confirmed that it was not some type of explosive or similar apparatus, this thanks to the use of X-rays for the analysis.


Confirming that it is not more than a buoy used in the sea, those that are used to delimit areas in it, which apparently oxidized over time.
After this, Hirobumi Magi, an official of the Office of Coastal Management and Rivers of the Shikoku Prefecture confirmed that the ball will eventually be discarded, adding that the authorities had assigned a local company to keep it for now.
However, by the time all this was released, the world of the media was already paranoia.
Via: Japan Times
Editor’s note: Without a doubt, it is quite strange that in our days it continues to be the subject that anything we found can be an aliens’ device.
In the end, everything was a funny episode at least.

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