Final Fantasy XVI – Producer Clarifies Doubts About Open World Video Game

As much, one of the most anticipated games is Final Fantasy XVI, RPG that promises to take a somewhat substantial turn to the franchise formula, because apparently the touches of action are much greater compared to other deliveries.
And with some trailers already revealed, players have asked if they will have an open world.
A few days ago, several media in the industry were invited by Square Enix to try a demo of this video game, which guided users for beautiful landscapes and striking battles.
And that is there just when it was confirmed from its own hand that there will be no open exploration spaces, everything will be a bit of ff xiii style but not so linear.
In fact, a few months ago the producer of the game, Naomi Yeshiva commented that there will not be this type of interactions.
And during the press event a few days ago he confirmed his idea again.
Here is the comment:

We want to improve the experience, detail and focus on key places.
Of course, we will have huge areas where there is exploration.

When you look at the real world, things do not usually happen suddenly.


We wanted to be faithful to this and at the time it takes the natural course of things, and we wanted history to take this temporal scale.
This fully indicates that there will be areas with their certain degree of exploration, but that they want to focus much more on the history part.
So it might resemble your predecessor, FFV.
Remember that Final Fantasy XVI is launched on June 16 for PS5.
Via: Euro gamer
Editor’s note: In my most anticipated list this game is found, I have not wanted to see much about it to get to the experience.
However, I like things to be said in terms of game mechanics.

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