Destiny 2: The 5 Best Exotic Weapons for PVP in Lightfall

Destiny 2 is a game with high octane shooting and a really fantastic arsenal for players to wear.
Whether participating in EVE in incursions or attacks or taking it to PVP for the melting or Osiris tests, there is something for everyone.
Since EVE and PVP are drastically different, it can be difficult for those who try to enter it to know which are the best exotic weapons for PVP in Destiny 2 Nightfall.
Since many enemies in a PVP environment will not remain still and the weapons game is very different, PVP weapons are based on some different things to determine which are the best.
This is, of course, the reliability of the weapon and its TTK (time to kill), which, as it sounds, means the time that a guardian has been killing.
The TTK is very important because, in PVP, the milliseconds tell.
Therefore, those who really wish to dominate their blueberries should try one of these 5 best weapons for PVP in Destiny 2 Nightfall.

Without time for explanations (pulse rifle)

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A powerful exotic pulse rifle, without time to explain, is able to eliminate enemies from the entire map.
While suffering from extreme distances, players who take this pulse rifle can destroy their enemies at medium distance.
What makes this pulse rifle so good, in addition to being a good and complete weapon, is the intrinsic benefit, Rewind Again.
This advantage makes when you get enough critical blows, a tear will open over time and create a portal that has bullets of another period of time that enemies come and attack.
What this means basically is that it creates a turret that automatically hits enemies to cause even more damage.

The monarch (combat arc)

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Do not let the appearance of this beautiful arch deceive you, this is one of the most destructive weapons of melting in Destiny 2 in the right hands.
This is because a critical blow well-placed from this will almost shoot a guardian, which will allow them to be easily eliminated by the other team or by the monarch user.


In addition, the weapon causes the poison to affect the target in a perfect drawn, not only inflicting mild damage over time, but also avoids passive healing.
In the melting, these beautiful seconds without healing tell, and the players who are not prepared can find their destiny with this powerful arch.

Hawk moon (hand cannon)

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Almost anyone who has spent some time in PVP has probably been dominated by Hawk moon, a very powerful hand cannon.
This is because, with the correct combinations of advantages, this weapon becomes incredibly easy to eliminate the enemies, especially with the advantages initial and telemeter trigger.
This can make scoring a headshot fast and easy.
The best part of this weapon is that the last round in the camera becomes more powerful for each critical blow obtained from the rest of the magazine without recharging.
This means that a correctly built final round can defeat Guardians at once.
Due to the power of the final round in the bedroom, players must make their shots count, but if they can use this incredible weapon well, they can eliminate enemies from the entire map before they realize what happened.

crimson (hand cannon)

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Hand cannons are one of the basic PVP elements in Destiny 2, and although Crimson is technically a hand cannon, it is clearly a bit different.
This is because, instead of firing a round every time the trigger is squeezed, the Crimson triggers a burst of 3 rounds.
With an excellent setback and the ability to heal the user to his entire life and completely recharge the charger if he gets a death with a critical blow, he becomes incredible in PVP.
This is because in PVP, especially in 6v6, you can be defeating one or two goals, but then someone folds the corner and hits you, with anything, and as you are a shot, it ends.

Crimson can help prevent this, keeping players completely cured and ready to enter between battles.

Dead Mans Tale (Exploration Rifle)

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The Dead Mans Tale is a weapon that is incredible in almost all the senses.
It is an exploration rifle with iron views that provide a clear view of the area and surprising advantages that make it a force to take into account.

One of the most exclusive aspects of this weapon is that players do not need so many ADS, due to the ability to simply shoot from the hip with greater speed and precision.
This, combined with the Spike Cranial trait, makes it a lethal and very fast shooting weapon.
The feature works by increasing the recharge speed, the damage, the acquisition of objectives and the scope by accumulation until it reaches the 5 accumulations.
At this point, hip fire rounds per minute increase by 50 and the damage is reduced by 20%.
This makes it crazy to shoot from the hip and can end all enemies except the toughest and most mobile.
While there are still many other weapons that can be highlighted in PVP, players who use them will surely shine as they are.
The best exotic weapons to use in PVP in Destiny 2 Nightfall.
To get more information and tips on other aspects of Destiny 2, see our other guides here.
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