Vampire Survivors 2: Is a Sequel Possible? | Interview with Luca Poncle Galante Galante

In the future, a vampire survivors sequel is not to be anticipated.
In a meeting with Game spot, Vampire Survivor’s solo developer Luca Ponce Gal ante that he desired to publish all new Hidden for vampire survivors as material updates.
There will be no sequel so quickly, he claimed unless he finds a radical brand-new suggestion.
With the method Vampire Survivors is made, we can supply both new content and also new video game mechanics for the existing video game, so why make a sequel? Said Gal ante.
I assume if we make a sequel or a spiritual follower, after that we should offer something substantially new.
Vampire Survivors is consisted of in the Xbox Game Pass.

The initial development Vampire Survivors: Heritage of the Moon spell is available for 1.99 euros.

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