New World Seasonal System: Get Ready for Exciting New Content Every Three Months!


New World players seem to be able to expect new content every three months.
It appears important for the Amazon Games studio to create regular appointments for players, during which there will be new things to do and new features.
The studio goal is to build seasonal experience over time and make it more and more robust.
Most seasons will thus have stories and quests that will constitute part of this experience.
Each season will introduce a Season Pass (which will contain both a free game and a premium part) where players will be able to win cool and important awards just playing in New World.

The Season Pass

First the free part.
There are 100 levels through which players can progress.

Each level will be associated with a reward.
The types of objects that players will be able to win in the free part are skins, a pet for their home, makeshift brands (the currency of the shop in New World, buyable in €), tokens
Improvement, weapons and armor, end-of-game progression materials (ex: Umbral Shards, Gypsum) and various covers and materials for craftsmen.
The cost of the paid Season Pass is more than 20,000 makeshift brands (about $20 US), this purchase will unlock 100 additional levels of progression as well as premium-n that a premium skin, a camp skin, brands of
Additional fortune, and even more improvement tokens and other boosts, and seasonal strokes…

At the end of the season, any unique reward that is unique in the season will be default to cerebral the desirability and value of these awards!

Progression in a season

There are three main ways for players to progress through a season:
The Season Journey, available for all players who have reached level 25. This trip consists of five chapters of objectives that introduce players in the new season and new mechanics of this season.
The players are guided in the narrative arc and the natural progression of the season;
The challenges of higher difficulty with which players can at any time measure themselves to gain seasonal XP;
A mini-game that allows players to progress in the season at their own pace.
(We have no more details)
Players will also get some seasonal XP in a passive way through most game activities, for example if you are carrying out a faction mission or killing a named enemy, you will get seasonal XP.

Seasonal format and economical model

More than a year after its release and with the craze for its last update, Brimstone Sands, who sags dangerously, it is easily imagined that the studio can seek to perpetuate the exploitation of its MMORPG.
Like a Elder Scrolls Online and its narrative chapters, New World’s seasons could be a good way to not only build your players’ base, but also to monetize it via the Premium Season Pass.
Indeed, at the moment, the B2P + Cash Shop Cosmetic model particularly does not encourage players neither to consume nor to return.
We already know that so-called seasonal quests (narrative content) should be renewed every season.
Presumably, it will therefore only be possible to play these quests at the time of their publication.
What about the possibility of buying in the shop the narrative content of past seasons, as we can do for the seasons of the living world of Guild Wars 2 for example?

Various information

  • There will be no unique item at Season Pass (free as premium), they can all be obtained otherwise in the game;
  • The purpose of this system is to introduce new features that will persist over the seasons;
  • You will gain 2,500 makeshift brands by completing the free Season Pass and 5000 by completing the Premium (at an initial cost of more than 20,000 brands);
  • Some quests will be permanent while seasonal quests (the majority of seasonal history in fact) will be renewed every season;
  • Most seasonal content will be available on the first day of the season;
  • There will be no new expedition each season;
  • Not all new intrigue will necessarily be linked to a season.

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